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Our Story

The year the Internet was born, James Fitzgerald envisioned a whole new way to present the Bible: the first ever videobook. You could watch, read, and hear it all at once with scenes, text, narration, music, and SFX. When he shared his vision, TV producers shook their heads, saying it would be impossible to produce the Bible as he proposed. The technology couldn’t do it, no one would watch it if he could, and he’d never raise enough money for such a huge undertaking. It was 1991.


Pressing ahead, Fitzgerald commissioned pilots that surprised everyone who saw them. Licensing the new CEV® translation from the American Bible Society, he then left his job to found WatchWORD Productions in 1993 to devote fulltime to producing THE WATCHWORD BIBLE® NEW TESTAMENT.


A decade later, the project was finished—the first and only word-for-word professional production of all 27 New Testament books ever made. More than forty people had worked on it. Released via a national CBN infomercial in 2004, THE WATCHWORD BIBLE® NEW TESTAMENT has since sold more than 700,000 DVDs and VHS in countries all over the world.


Published in 2013, THE 9/11 PROPHECY is the true story of God’s warning to New York City before 9/11 through the release of THE BOOK OF REVELATION at Madison Square Garden in July, 2000. A No.1 best-seller (Religious Essays), it shows how God used this historic production of His word to warn of the event that triggered the beginning of the end times. “Right now this is one of the most important books in the world.” S. J., Amazon review.